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The process of replacing garage door springs is complex and should only be undertaken by a professional. A C-clamp is used to lock garage doors if the springs break to ensure it can’t fall on anyone near it. The spring that’s not broken is then loosened and unwound for replacement. The nuts and bolts holding the springs are then removed to disconnect them.

Use a C-clamp to hold onto the torsion spring tube, and slide it to remove the broken spring for replacement. Install a new spring onto the spring tube. Use a winding bar to wind the springs. Stretch the springs by tapping the winding bar. Use a garage door lubrication spray to lubricate the spring then wipe off excess lubricant.

A test is then done to ensure that the spring replacement was successful. The clamp is removed from the torsion tube and the door lifted to its operational state. If the installation was done correctly, the door remains in place when you stop lifting. If the door falls, correct the spring installation until it stops falling after being lifted.

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